Legacy Supply Chain Systems Are Holding You Back

With Unity Central Supply Chain Leaders can Reimagine, Reinvent and Reinvigorate their Supply Chains to be Agile, Resilient and Sustainable

Reach for Supply Chain Perfection

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End To End Visibility

By Absorbing all the supply chain signals structured or unstructured Unity Central strives to give you end-to-end visibility

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Automated Monitoring

Automated Supply Chain Monitoring means letting Unity Central do the heavy lifting and focus on critical Exceptions.

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Supply Chain Maturity

Use Intelligence to learn from Supply Chain Network Behavior to Reinvent the Supply Chain network

Introducing Unity Central Supply Chain

Unity Central is a powerful platform designed to unify structured and unstructured data, offering real-time visibility and predictive insights by building a chain of supply chain events.

Unlike traditional or in-house systems, Unity Central ensures continuity, enhances knowledge through trust scores, and provides real-time tactical and strategic insights, resulting in a more dynamic and efficient supply chain.

Today’s supply chain system architecture legacy approach to data transformation has made it impossible to keep up with the pace of supply chain innovation.

Ignores more than 60% of the Supply Chain Signals. A big blind spot.​

More than 60% of the supply chain information is unstructured, and traditional supply chain systems can't effectively process it.  ​

Expensive Mapping and Transformation Limits Agility ​

Mapping and transforming structured data, a crucial step for effective reporting, is not only time-consuming but also expensive, limiting the agility of traditional supply chain systems. ​

What good is planning without Perfect Execution?​

Data lakes and Control Towers are focused on inventory rather than milestones, or execution, or behavior. Better Planning and Inventory are just half the story.​

For the first time in the industry, Unity Central unifies structured and unstructured data, delivering an environment where users can gain mastery over their information and maximize the insights to increase their knowledge and improve their operational outcomes​

Transform Your Information Universe​

Manage, search, analyze, and share your data in one unified location, so you can make better decisions, faster.​

Workspace: Manage and Organize Documents

Disconnected emails, PDFs, and EDI documents account for nearly 60% of supply chain information.​​

Unity Central absorbs these “as-is documents” without any data transformation.​​

Create A Single Version Of The Truth To Capture All Supply Chain Events​​

​Ripple: The Supply Chain Search of Tomorrow. ​​

Querying unstructured data with words like PO# or Tracking# to illuminate unknown connections, patterns, and correlations. ​​

Flow: Supply Chain Intelligence

​Creates a Chain of Documents And Signals and compares it to a model supply chain or the perfect supply chain​​

Reports Against All KPIs affecting Perfect Execution, Customer Satisfaction, And Business Outcomes

​​Identify Bottlenecks Before They Affect Business Outcomes

​​Gain Insights And Learn From The Document Chain Flow(s) To Measure Process Efficiency, Trust Scores, Supply Chain Maturity Insights​

Take Control of Supply Chain Chaos.